About Us

Araldika Malta (Malta Heraldry) is an organisation established in 2012 by a small number of individuals sharing a common interest in the subject of heraldry in Malta. Our team aims to provide interesting information on the coats of arms that surround and represent every one of us, and in so doing preserve the heraldry that is part of our vast national heritage. All the work released by Araldika Malta serves as an active contribution to increase public awareness of this art and science which has made its way into the very fibre of Maltese society throughout the ages.

The organisation endeavours to catalogue and record every armorial bearing in the Maltese islands, thus creating the largest database of heraldic imagery in Maltese history. This will give, as it already has, an insight into how the charges on the shield developed with the various socio-political situations which Malta and its people found themselves in. The systemised collation of such imagery shall also serve as the foundation upon which the potential future registration system of armorial bearings may be reliably constructed.

Since the year 2015, Araldika Malta has been managed by its President Dr. Marc Agius Fernandez, who also acts as its primary researcher and artist of digital renditions. With the aid of the organisation’s +4,000 followers, we continue to strive for excellence.