One might ask, why should there be a heraldic society like Araldika Malta?

Despite Malta has a big heraldic heritage going back to the Middle Ages all through the British Period, the ecclesiastical use of heraldry and its use nowadays in the festa decorations; little has been made on the study, regulation and awareness on heraldry in Malta. Thus Araldika Malta was created so that it can help give some heraldic regulation and coherence  in the use of heraldry, to create more awareness on this rich heritage and to guide individuals and institutions in the use of heraldry. People might argue that Malta being a republic does not need heraldry, facts show otherwise. In Malta heraldry is still alive especially during the festive season with the street decorations and the treasures in our churches but also in other countries as Ireland and South Africa – which are republics – heraldry is still alive and used extensively.

Araldika Malta thus aims at creating a consciousness about the great heraldic heritage of Malta by divulging knowledge and information on heraldry.  Activities will be made such as lectures and exhibitions on heraldry in Malta.

Membership to Araldika Malta is open to everyone and membership includes a personalised coat-of-arms and participation in all our activities.

We thus hope that this website and society would contribute to a greater knowledge and awareness on Maltese heraldry in Malta and abroad.

Coat-of-Arms of Malta with the Tudor Crown, former military barracks at Casal Paola.


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