San Marino standardizes its coat-of-Arms

The republic of San Marino has recently standardized its coat-of-arms. Changing a coat-of-arms or altering its design is a statement in itself even though keeping a continuity within its main elements. (The old coat-of-arms)

Whilst the main elements of the coat-of-arms remain essentially the same, three towers on three hills, each surmounted by a white feather. What really changed was the shape of the towers which are shown from the side with the feathers being also shown from the side, below one can see the design of the new coat-of-arms of  San Marino, and you can follow this link to see the captain-princes (president’s) decree.

The three towers recall the three citadels of San Marino: La Guaita, La Cesta and La Montale.

The new design of the coat-of-arms of San Marino as approved by a decree of its captain-princes on 22 July 2011


One thought on “San Marino standardizes its coat-of-Arms

  1. It is quite a shame to establish an official graphic standard for a coat of arms, and twice so if the emblazonment is heraldically imprecise as we may see in the case of the crown (the jewels lost their colours) and the feathers (which are floating above the towers as if they are going to leave), although I like the image in general. It is as bad as any in the capacity of the only rendering formally allowed, but pretty plausible (save the aforementioned details) as the main one. – God save San Marino!

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