Araldika Malta’s Official Inauguration

Please find the link below to the news article covering the Araldika Malta (Malta Heraldry) official launch:


7 thoughts on “Araldika Malta’s Official Inauguration

  1. Hi, I am extremely curious about the origin, meaning and coat of arms of the surname Bilocca but mostly about the origin and meaning of the surname. I was told that you can help me. I would be very grateful for your help. Thanks in advance.

  2. I have never been able to find the coat of arms for the surname FRENDO not even at the National Library. When I made an overseas enquiry I was supplied with at least four different ones and I honestly think they were invented. Can anyone enlighten me what is the actual coat of arms for a surname which is not so uncommon. Thanks.

    • Hi John! Yes, the Frendo coat of arms is not easy to come by. I did indeed have the same problem when I was approached before to search for the Frendo family shield. I am pleased to say that I did however manage to find it. I will prepare a poster for it and upload it both on our facebook page and website. Stay tuned!


      • My heartfelt thanks. May we please stay in touch until I would have succeeded in seeing and copy it. Thanks once more. John

      • Will you be so kind as to say whether you have succeeded in posting the Frendo coat-of-arms?

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